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Book Mustang Tiji festival 2019

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Booking open for Upper Mustang Tiji festival 2019.Tiji festival is the one of the most important festival in Lomanthang that is celebrated around mid may of the each year. In 2019 the local people of Lomanthang/Mustang are going to celebrate on May.Tiji festival is celebrated for 3 days.

According to legend there is one myth son and he had to protect the Mustang Kingdom from all kind of destruction.Once in encient time there was a demon named as Man Tam Ru and he made big problem over the Mustang kingdom. He killed human beings and caused terrible storms and droughts. It was very hard to control him. Finally Lord Buddha took the incarnation of Dorjee sonnu and controlled the Demon Man Tam Ru.since that time local people of Upper Mustang started to celebrate Tiji Festival and continued till now.

Tiji festival is celeberated at Choedhe Monastry and ritual dance is performed for 3 days. First day they perform “Tsa Chham” dance.This dance symbolizes the harassment of Ma Tam Ru Ta.The second day dance symbolizes “Nga Chham” dance symbolizes the birth of Dorjee sonnu who controlled demon Ma Tam Ru Ta. The third day dance symbolizes the attempt to return the demon to Lord Buddha realm.



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Upper Mustang Tiji festival starts from 30th May 2019 and ends on 1st june 2019.

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